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360 Degree Video Philadelphia Wissahickon Trail Morning

360 degree video philadelphia

360 degree video has the potential to allow the viewer to escape to new worlds by providing a fully immersive experience when using a dedicated 360 degree viewer along with headphones.

Imagine if you were an avid hiker, but circumstances no longer allowed you to visit your favorite spot along your secret trail.

Well, thanks to 360 degree video technology, you may be able to visit your spot without ever leaving your home.

The video posted below was shot along the Wissahickon Trail in Philadelphia, but a similar video could be shot along any trails at any spot in the world.

Unlike still photos, 360 video allows the viewer to look around a constantly shifting environment at their own pace — or simply settle in on a particular view and live in the moment.

It’s not hard to believe that one day, we may be able to click on a spot along the Appalachian Trail in Google Maps from the comfort of our living room and suddenly be transported thanks to 360 degree video.

This is not some future vision — 360 degree video technology is available today.

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