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Drone Video Philadelphia

drone photo video services philadelphia

3dprintingdog is pleased to announce the launch of aerial photography and videography services that are now available in Philadelphia and around the Delaware Valley.

Storytelling has taken to the sky.

Are you a marketer looking for a compelling hook for your large-scale product or service? Are you a contractor looking to share the progress of your project with your stakeholders? Wouldn’t it be great to have some aerial footage to help tell your story?

Not too long ago, making aerial videos meant chartering a plane or a helicopter, which made it too expensive for most projects.

Today, thanks to new technology and changing regulations, making aerial videos are more accessible and affordable than ever!

Dave Kim is a commercially licensed drone pilot who took the FAA exam on the second day it was available and passed on his first try.

He has a design background with a keen eye for all forms of visual media.

Remember, not all drone pilots are good videographers and not all videographers are good drone pilots. The individual you hire needs to be good at both in order for your project to succeed.

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